Monihoiva is committed to offering a wide range of services aimed at improving customers' quality of life and making everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Monihoiva's services cover all areas of life, from personal help at home to job support and help with going to school. In addition to this, the service is designed to be particularly user-friendly and flexible in order to meet the unique needs and wishes of customers.

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We also offer multilingual services to our customers

We also offer multilingual services to our customers

Thanks to the multilingual service, we serve our customers with different language backgrounds even better. Our language-proficient assistants are able to help customers in their own mother tongue, which makes communication and service use smoother and adapted to customers' needs.

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Monihoiva makes the purchase effortless, and the service voucher can be used in municipalities that have decided to use it in providing social and health services. Contact us.

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Have you been issued a service voucher?

Have you been issued a service voucher?

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